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At Mendix World you'll learn how to make a difference in your organization. Over the course of two days you'll see successful strategies for enabling the makers in your business, executing with agile technology and future-proofing your technology stacks to ensure maximum long-term value. You can explore the possibilities during peer roundtables, panel discussions, and hands-on product demonstrations

  • Enterprise Low-Code

    Unlock what's possible with Mendix to execute on ideas and strategies that will differentiate your organization.

  • Digital Execution

    Discover the organizational and technical best practices to drive scalable innovation and transformation within your business.

  • Mendix for Your Industry

    Hear from your industry peers on the challenges they are facing and the solutions they've created to improve business outcomes.

Wednesday, June 3

How to Run Your Own Low-Code Maturity Assessment | Arjo van Oosten, Sheau Pei Chong

Seeing the value of low-code is a big step on your digital transformation roadmap, but is your organization primed for successful adoption? The Mendix Expert Services team will demonstrate how you can evaluate if your business is ready to start working with low-code in a way that aligns with your long-term IT vision. You'll leave with a clear checklist for building a successful low-code operation which you can measure yourself against – from understanding the benefits of working agile to technical requirements and considerations.

Industrial Business Transformation with Mendix & Siemens

The demand for applications to manage and streamline business operations – from your supply chain to field services operations – is growing. Finding the right solutions to help you build with speed and at scale presents an ongoing challenge – how can you mitigate issues quickly, release products faster and with less resource, etc.? In this session you’ll hear from experts on the state of integration between Mendix and Siemens, with an introduction to the ways that low-code can help you to build, integrate and extend applications to propel your team’s business transformation.

Creating a Geographically Flexible IT Structure

Your leadership feels the friction between political nationalism and the need for global collaboration. As an IT leader in your organization it is up to you to ensure that your technical operations don't lag as a result of different people being in different places. The digital workplace of today requires alignment between technology, operations and employee experience – all of which you drive. In this session IT leaders will hear from experts on a three-pronged approach to delivering a cohesive global workplace experience and how low-code can act as the connector at each vantage point. A culture of agility and connectivity will change the way your organization operates.

Getting Started with Low-Code in Industry Accounts

Embrace low-code development and build a center of excellence (COE) within your organization with help from Mendix and Siemens experts. In this session you’ll see learn how leverage low-code development with a step-by-step guide to getting started, from structuring the right team to technical considerations to take into account. You’ll leave with the knowledge and a checklist to go from idea to first application.

Future-Proof Your Customer Experience Engine

Take your customer experience from a ‘hodge-podge’ of systems to one that is connected and scalable. This session will start with the foundational importance of IT and business collaboration in engineering a successful customer experience engine. Ideally could include a customer use case of a connected front and back end system powered by Mendix and tangible results of doing so from a resource savings perspective.

Extending Your Data for a Future-Proof Tech Stack with Siemens, SAP and Mendix

Learn how to achieve a flexible and unified IT strategy by extending the capabilities of your current systems. In this session you’ll see firsthand the combined power of integrating data sources such as Teamcenter, SAP and MindSphere through Mendix Data Hub directly into your Mendix applications – all with speed, security and flexibility in mind. You’ll leave with a holistic view of the ways in which low-code can extend the resources of your team, from existing systems to your current workforce.

Is Your Culture Conducive for Innovation?

It's impossible to foster a culture of innovation without simultaneously investing in technology. This session will challenge leaders to look at their ability to enable employees to learn and grow, from reskilling in the age of automated intelligence to having technology accessibility.

Surprise, Delight and Iterate with Pop-Up Apps

The idea of a pop-up or temporary app can be difficult to justify even at the enterprise level. Is it worth it to build apps for novelty use only to leave them behind? This session will discuss how the work of temporary app development can drive significant customer engagement, and the benefits beyond quick earned media. We'll explore how temporary apps help business leaders test and iterate like never before.

Connected Field Services Case Study with Mendix & Teamcenter

Unlock the benefits of developing multi-experience applications and using them in the field. In this session you’ll hear from customers who are leveraging low-code development to create applications with features such as offline access, geo-location services and react native capabilities to create a better user experience for field service technicians and the customers they service. See how connecting your existing data sources to the mobile-first development capabilities of Mendix can improve efficiency, accessibility and profitability.

Building the Business Case for Low Code: What, How and Why

Articulating the short and long-term benefits of an investment in a low-code platform requires education and planning. This session will help IT leaders position low-code to business leaders in their organization, approach an assessment of ROI and develop a realistic vision to show immediate and long-term results.

A Step-by-Step Legacy Prioritization Guide

This session will provide attendees with strategies to prioritize their legacy system projects, while demonstrating the tools that can help you execute. You will gain an understanding of the typical assessment process when evaluating a legacy modernization project, complete with criteria for systems that require migration, re-platforming or replacement, and gain insight into the ways that low-code can assist with replacement of layering of systems.

Agility in the Low Code- Powered Digital Factory

The digital factory of today needs to be asset-light and agile. How does your business balance this with the need for highly personalized tools? Enter: low-code. This session will provide logistics professionals with an understanding of how low code applications can be the connector for AI, data and the right talent to propel their digital factory model forward.

Thursday, June 4

Mendix Native Mobile: Delivering the Future of Mobile App Development | Dave Brault, Danny Roest

Mobile users spend 87% of their time using native mobile apps versus 13% in the browser, so the standard for a great mobile UX is higher than ever. Last year Mendix released Native Mobile to further enable users to build native mobile applications that deliver the consumer-grade experience they are accustomed to using in their everyday life. In this session you will learn about the latest and greatest in mobile app development, how Mendix makes it easy, and upcoming Mendix features that will continue to foster native mobile development.

Leverage and Engage New Talent Pools to Power App Development | Daniel Dam, Arjan Hendriksen

As an IT leader you're constantly balancing a demand for greater output from your team with a shortage of resources in a competitive talent market. In this session, you'll hear from peer leaders about strategies to explore an untapped talent pool – citizen developers. Whether you're looking to learn more or are already considering a long-term citizen developer strategy, you'll be able to see how a range of enterprises have creatively empowered more makers within their business.

Creating the Ultimate UX | Danny Roest, Simone Mink

The difference between a good and great application is usability, whether it's used by a few hundred or a few million users. This session will help answer the 'how' behind starting your app development with UX in mind. Mendix experts will deliver a real-time demonstration of the Mendix features which enable you to deliver the ultimate UX so you can see firsthand how to create a great UX with an out-of-the-box Mendix solution.

Improve Your Governance with Greater Collaboration

Whether you're starting or scaling your app dev operations with Mendix, this session will give app development leaders the tools to improve team collaboration and governance. You'll learn from our experts on the incremental improvements to Mendix that allow app team leaders to remain in control from the onset of agile development, such as versioning and user groups, and how to implement them. We will also unveil new workflow management integrations that will keep your team running efficiently and effectively as they build.

Designing for 24/7: Offline-First Mobile App Development | Dave Brault, Danny Roest

Even in this hyper-connected world, users are not always guaranteed a strong Wi-Fi or cellular signal. An unreliable connections can wreak havoc on mobile apps that were not designed to work offline. Mendix enables you to take an Offline-First approach when building native mobile apps, meaning the app will continue to work identically when the user loses connection. In this session, Mendix experts will review the importance of taking offline-first approach to mobile app development and discuss the upfront considerations, assessments, business requirements, all leaving users with a blueprint of how to tackle their own offline app development.

Incorporating the End User

How do you collect feedback from your app users? Mendix strives to provide a seamless UX for the makers in your business, and now we are looking ahead to capture the experience of your end users so that you can readily improve the apps that you've built. In this session you'll learn from Mendix experts on how to leverage new feedback mechanisms within our platform and the next stage of consumer app development that allows for ultimate personalization.

Citizen Development for Your Enterprise | Daniel Dam, Arjan Hendriksen

Come learn how to expand and govern the power of app development in your enterprise by enabling citizen developers. Mendix experts will walk through the many opportunities that citizen developers unlock and the vision for creating a sustainable, long-term citizen development strategy. You'll see firsthand how Mendix Studio is primed to enable the business people in your organization to have the freedom to innovate while maintaining governance as the overseer of application development in your company.

Crafting Mobile Applications from the Ground Up with Mendix

With users demanding great mobile experiences, this session will provide live demonstrations of the native mobile capabilities of Mendix that you can start leveraging for your app development today. You'll see how to seamlessly leverage device capabilities and design a great UX, leaving with best practices for building rich and powerful mobile applications, all within Mendix.

Building an All-Star App Dev Team: Enabling Your Professional and Citizen Developers | Koen van Beek

No one person can carry a tech team – it takes a village. In this session you'll hear from Mendix experts on structuring a team to best leverage the combined power of professional developers, who have a wealth of technical knowledge, and citizen developers, who know the needs of your customer and business. You'll learn how to establish agile workstreams and roles, both from a Mendix platform and organizational perspective to set up professional and citizen developer relationships for success as you scale.

Structuring Your App Reporting Insights with the Mendix Command Center

As an IT leader, do you ever struggle to understand and prove the efficacy of your applications? With the Mendix Command Center, you'll be able to access metrics from your suite of applications to better manage your team resources and report your impact to senior leadership. Experts from Mendix will walk through a demonstration of how to interact with the Command Center interface, and provide examples of useful reports to leverage within your everyday conversations around resource management.

Extending Your App Functionality with Pluggable Widgets | Danny Roest

Are you getting the most functionality out of your Mendix applications? As Mendix iterates and improves, our portfolio of widgets continue to grow and deliver more capabilities. However, there can be cases where additional functionality is needed. In this session the developers of the pluggable widgets framework from Mendix will provide an overview of the features and how they've improved over custom widgets. You'll see Mendix's planned improvements on pluggable widgets moving forward, concluding with live demonstration how you can build your own pluggable widgets.

Citizen Developers – Harness the Power of Data Hub

What if citizen developers in your organization would be able to connect to any data, event or function? What if anybody was able to build apps, unhindered by the bottleneck on a central IT integration department? For many, building data integrations is beyond their expertise. Even finding that data can be a bottleneck to building the end result that citizen developers had in mind. In this session, IT and business leaders will learn why Data Hub is an indispensable tool for enabling their teams to innovate, why Data Hub helps prevent data compliance issues and ultimately how citizen developers can leverage Data Hub during a real-time demo that includes finding and then integrating the desired data.

Get the Most Out of the Mendix Platform UI

Be one of the first to see our new Mendix UI in action. Our experts will guide you through the flexible and modern interface, showcasing how it was designed with the Mendix developer experience at the forefront. You'll see improvements to collaboration and creation features that will improve your ability to be agile in your work.


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